装备,标签 & 网投十大信誉排名

我们专营套装, 标签, assembly and fulfillment 服务 built exclusively for your personal business needs.


精确的仓储 is an independently owned warehousing and distribution company offering quality and convenient 第三方网投十大信誉排名 with facilities located in Montreal, 魁北克, 加拿大. 我们专营套装, 标签, packing and fulfillment 服务 built exclusively for your personal business needs. We are open to working with clients of all size projects – no order volume is too big or too small. We are unique in our industry in that we are flexible and versatile with scalable 服务. We create and price our 服务 to match the unique needs of your business, 商店, 或电子商务商店.

我们灵活的团队由全职人员管理, 培训临时员工的有经验的管理者, 建立程序, and maintain quality control throughout the kitting or 标签 production.

Our assembly facilities are quickly and easily scalable with more than 15,000 sq. ft. 可用. 这些都是装备精良, secure environments that can be adjusted to do just about everything from kitting product with promotional videogames to ticketing bar codes to quality checking, 分拣和填充陶瓷复活节兔子. All of our kitting and assembly solutions are subject to a rigorous quality assurance procedures and are fully customizable.

我们拥有一支全职团队,每天都很充实. We can handle procurement, inspections, QC, quarantining and vendor management for all of your parts. Or, we can simply take your customer-owned inventory and be your assembly and shipping warehouse. Give us the opportunity to fulfill your packout and assembly needs, contact us today.



When you require the combination of multiple products into a new product, 精准仓储的装备服务是一个完美的配合. 我们在创建多包方面有丰富的经验, club packs and promotional kits among other combinations for a number influential Canadian companies. Our warehouse kitting and assembly 服务 translate into cost saving to you.


新装备 当套件是散装完成时, 而不是每次都有订单进来, 它变得更像一个线性运算, 这意味着可以更快地装备道具. 如果你外包完成, this will save you time and money because your pick/pack costs will be less, 因为每个套件将被算作一个SKU, 而不是为每件物品的挑选/包装付费.


卡车运输118 Items that are shipped in kit form, reduce the chance for error with order fulfillment. It also allows you or your fulfillment house to pre-print shipping labels, 无需为个别物品称重和贴标签. Our engineering team maps efficient kitting processes and builds in quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits.


better-packing 118 装备 can also lead to postal savings with more efficient and cost-effective packaging. 例如, 而不是把单个的物品包装在一个标准尺寸的盒子里, developing a custom box for popular kits can reduce the size and/or weight of your packages.


客户网投十大信誉排名 With flexible staffing our labor solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests.



标签 changes occur frequently during the print phase that requires unique solutions and a high degree of flexibility. 精确的仓储’s labeling teams can manage all aspects of our customers labeling requests, 无论范围和大小. 使用精确标签的好处是:

我们不像竞争对手那样有最低要求. This allows our customers to pay only for the quantities needed at an affordable price.
所有的标签工作是双重检查的准确性和质量. 两个质量检查都是由我们的标签团队领导签字. We understand labels are the key to reflecting your brand’s message and identity. 这就是为什么我们非常重视招聘动机, 有热情和能力的员工加入我们的团队.
Our flexible teams work in two shifts to maximize high volume requests to minimize turn around delays. With flexible staffing our labor solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests.


精确的仓储 has a proven expertise and discipline to simplify the complexity of trade customized re-packaging. We've been perfecting packaging, re-packaging and fulfillment 服务. Co-locating the assembly and packaging operation with the storage of your products reduces logistics costs, 提高行政效率, 并增加市场的灵活性和速度. We specialize in custom quick turnaround runs of display assembly and contract packaging.

We understand that products that have been properly packaged are more appealing. They have the ability to improve the sale volume of a certain product. 人们通常会买一些吸引眼球的东西, so having proper packing is a smart business strategy in some 情况下s.  In other 情况下s, it is all about finding the most cost-efficient way to product a manufactured good. 采用优质的重新包装工艺, 比如精准仓储, 能极大地提高你的产品的吸引力吗. We will package your product in the most effective and efficient way possible while insuring that your product is protected until its intended end-user is ready for it. 以下是正确包装所带来的好处:


Proper packaging offers protection to goods from potential damage in transit. Many types of goods are packaged before they are transported or before they are for sale. 包装材料也被用来保护货物, 从而使它们更耐用,也提高了产品质量.
The core supply chain management hinges on choosing the right product, 情况下, and pallet sizes in a manner that will help increase product sales while lowering inventory, 运输, 和包装成本.
Many materials help to convey 信息 for purposes of advertisement. This is one of the best frameworks that could be used to pass out a message about goods and 服务. Many industries have adopted this strategy to enable them to achieve their goals. 在化妆品和护发行业, more emphasis is put into packaging because the more ‘high-end’ the packaging, 在顾客眼中,产品越“高端”. This is one of the only industries worldwide where this is the rule.


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